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Online Classified Advertising – What, Why and How


Creating your online business requires that you create a dynamic and easy to navigate website and ensure that you continually refresh and update your content. Of course, you always to optimize keywords to ensure you receive the highest possible search engine page ranking (SERP) so people can find your site and what you have to offer.

Online advertising is also an important consideration if you really want to increase your website and brand exposure. Letting thousands and even millions of people know you exist through advertising is a sure way to increase traffic. You probably already know about search engine advertising, pay-per-click, banner ads, and other types of display ads.

But there is one important aspect of online advertising that is often overlooked. That method is online classified advertising. For years, classified advertising has been a major component of every newspaper. Offline classifieds include advertising for all types of products, services, jobs, real estate, and other things people want to buy or sell.

So why not for the Internet?

If you’ve avoided classifieds because you don’t think they work online or you aren’t sure what they are, then consider the fact that more than 15% of the total online advertising dollars spent last year were spent on classified ads. And when people search the classifieds, they are probably looking to buy something. They’re not just surfing around the Internet aimlessly. You’re more likely to find your target audience with classifieds.

Payment structures

There are different payment structures for the various classified ad sites. Some come with a cost while others may be free.

With paid classifieds, you pay to rent space on a website rather than paying every time someone clicks on your ad. You pay per space rented so you pay the same thing whether you get 20 visitors or 2,000 visitors directed to your website.

As an example, for one particular online classified ad posting site, you can purchase a space for $19 per year for a 50 word block ad. If you have more to say and need more than 50 words, you can rent the space for $29 annually.

Many of the classified sites are comprised of a collection of websites to promote their client’s products. They advertise nationally and internationally and have a variety of payment structures. You can literally reach millions of people searching classifieds for relevant products and services – putting you right in front of them!

In addition to these larger and more global classified ad sites that charge fees, there are also local classified advertising opportunities that are often free of charge. For example, and are websites that offer free services to post for local advertising only. They are built around the premise that local or in-person delivery is most economical and that people want an online place to sell items and services in a specific local area.

Another important aspect of classified advertising is the ability to increase the exposure of your brand image. Even if someone doesn’t actually click on your ad, they are exposed to your brand or website. They may remember it or come back to find it later.

Page rank improves

Classified advertising can also increase your page rank since many of the classified sites make their web pages fully accessible to spiders and bots seeking relevant websites and keywords. They can help you move to the top and the increased number of links can contribute to your success as well.

Narrowed search

Classified advertising works by organizing ads into various types of indexes such as categories for technology, pets, digital cameras, collectibles, travel, and many other types of organized methods of search. There are sub-categories under each category that make it even easier to refine a search.

Since people are narrowing down their search to very specific search criteria on a classified advertising site, you can pretty much rest assured that they’re looking for what you have to offer. You have an increased likelihood that you’ll attract buying customers or people who already have an interest in what you have to say or sell when they follow your ad link. Your conversion rates will increase as the traffic begins to flow.

Online classified advertising can be a good way to promote your website and your business. Don’t assume it doesn’t work until you’ve tried it. You may be surprised at how well it does work.

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