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How Can You Get More Adsense Clicks?


Adsense is a popular way to monetize websites because it's so easy to use and because Google does a good job of serving up contextually relevant material. A few years ago, site owners were raking in massive piles of cash as Adsense publishers. Today, however, things are a bit slower than they were.

Part of that is an overall decrease in the amount paid per click to publishers, which stemmed from a confluence of many different factors. Another reason for the decrease in payouts is that many Internet users, particularly those in tech-related niches are beginning to develop a kind of “ad blindness”. Clicking on an Adsense ad has lost some its “novelty value”.

So, what do you do today if you still want to cash big checks from Google? How can you get more Adsense clicks? Here are three things you might want to try. Publishers have had impressive success with all of them.

Better Placement. Adsense isn't a “stick up anywhere and get rich” thing. You need to put the ads where people will actually click on them. Fortunately, experts have been doing the research that will help you to find the right spots based on your site's layout. Do your homework and take a look at some of the ad click “heat maps” that are available online. If you have your ads in the right spot, you'll get more clicks.

Better Presentation. Many people who have experienced decreased Adsense earnings wrongly assume that they were doing things correctly when the money was better. The fact of the matter is that they weren't really operating in an optimized fashion then, either. It was just easier to get those clicks. Take a look at the presentation of your ads. Was your effort at blending naturally with your template done as good as it could have been? Do your ads look foreign and intrusive? Make adjustments and watch those click numbers climb.

Curing Overload. People often think that if one of something is good, two will be better. Three? Better yet. That might be true in some areas, but it isn't necessarily the case with Adsense publishing. If the bulk of your page is taken up by advertising because you assumed that using the maximum number of the largest allowable ad blocks was a good idea, make some changes. That ad-heavy site is scaring people away before they can even think of giving you a click.

The money might be a little tougher these days, but you can earn with Adsense. If you're i need of a boost, take a good look at the quantity, presentation and locations of the ads you're serving. A few small adjustments could make a big money difference.

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