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Internet Advertising – 5 Tips for Success


When it comes to your advertising dollars for online promotion of your website, blog, products, or services, it’s important to spend them wisely. With economic conditions continuing to worsen before an end is in site, you should carefully consider how to optimize your advertising dollars for online success.

The good news? More and more people are turning to the Internet to purchase or make buying decisions. You have an incredible opportunity to expand your marketing efforts.

Online advertising is an excellent way to attract a crowd – and the best part of online advertising is that there are many different ways to reach your target audience. Reaching your target audience is the absolute best way to increase conversions and create long-lasting relationships with customers.

Consider these five (5) essential tips for success when considering online advertising in 2009:

Utilize online advertising strategies that optimize the use of relevancy in the ads. You must be able to show how your ad and your website or products are relevant when the visitor clicks on your ad. An ad that appears relevant, but that leads a visitor a website that has no obvious relevancy is a quick way to lose a potential customer.

Use your keywords wisely and judiciously. Consider how your potential customers will search for your products and services and optimize those keywords through search engine advertising and various types of display advertising.

Make sure your ads are clear and succinct. You have about 1-2 seconds for a potential visitor to decide whether or not to click on your ad. Use words that entice and engage them quickly if you want them to visit your website. Otherwise, you’re wasting your advertising dollars.

Incorporate interactive components such as audio or video into your display ads for the most effectiveness. This is especially effective with banner ads.

Use words that attract attention in your ads and that draw readers to your site. For example, “just released”, “free”, “bonus”, breaking news”, or other words can attract attention. Just be sure you can follow-up your advertising with something of value that relates to those powerful words!

Since more than 80% of people who use the Internet each day are online for four (4) hours or more, you have a good opportunity to attract your target audience. Use online advertising to help you attract and engage your audience and then let your dynamic, keyword-rich content keep them engaged once they land on your site.

Following these five (5) simple guidelines to get started with online advertising will have you on your way to success.